Saturday, 19 December 2009

Barnardo's new advertising campaign

Barnardo's have always created great adverts. Adverts which communicate the lives of those they strive to help. And their recent TV spot titled ‘Turn Around’ is nothing less than brilliant.

The ad builds upon the great press campaign which ran earlier in the year, where hard-hitting copy and brave art direction shared the stories of children who had been given up on. Indeed, they won many awards but that comes secondary to the role they played in delivering a clear and direct message to the masses.

The new campaign, launched just a few weeks ago, uses laconic narrative, similar in style to that of a text message, to tell the story of a young girl. The film uses the trademark Barnardo's sepia tones and cleverly uses the same eight scenes to tell a story of two halves; the young girls transition in and out of various and troubling situations.

Visit Barnardo's website to read the true story and find out about The Teens’ Speech this Christmas day.

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